Inshore Fishing Trips

Captain Kenny Lewis of Panhandle Charters and Guide Service offers Inshore Fishing Charters in the calm protected waters of Pensacola Bay!

The Fish We Catch

On our inshore fishing trips we primarily target Redfish, Flounder, Spotted Sea Trout (Speckled Trout), Spanish Mackerel and Black Drum. Some of the species we also encounter are Sheepshead, Jack Crevalles, Mangrove Snappers and even Sharks!

Inshore Charter Rates


Inshore Fishing (Day or Night)
Fishing the calm protected waters of the bays for trout, redfish, flounder and whatever else comes along.
1-4 people, $75 for each additional person.
Capacity: 6 people
4 Hr – $600
*Longer Trips Available upon Request

Everything You Need to Fish is
Included on all Fishing Charters

Fish the Third Largest Estuary in all of Florida!

The Pensacola Bay estuarine system covers 144 square miles and is the third largest estuarine system in Florida. The Pensacola Bay estuarine system includes Pensacola Bay, Escambia Bay, Blackwater Bay, East Bay and Santa Rosa Sound.

The system also includes the brackish marshes at the mouths of the Escambia River, the Simpson River, the Blackwater River, the Yellow River and the East River. The rivers all flow into Pensacola Bay or one of its adjoining bays. From there, the waters of the Pensacola Bay estuarine system connect to the Gulf of Mexico at Pensacola Pass at the western end of Santa Rosa Island near Fort Pickens.

On your inshore fishing charter with Captain Kenny, you may be fishing any part of the Pensacola Bay estuarine system, depending on the season and where the fish are biting! This type of inshore fishing we do is also referred to as Backwater, Flats or Bay Fishing.


Inshore Charters are Perfect for Familes and First Timers!

Since the protected waters of Pensacola Bay are significantly calmer than the Gulf of Mexico, our inshore fishing charters are more relaxing, especially for first time saltwater anglers and families. If anyone on your party is especially vulnerable to sea sickness, an inshore fishing trip with Captain Kenny is the perfect alternative to an offshore fishing trip in the Gulf of Mexico!

The complex system of bays, rivers, creeks and marshes that make up the Pensacola Bay estuarine system offers plenty of prime habitat for the species we love to catch. Depending on the season, the species we are targeting and where the fish are biting on any given day, we may be fishing shorelines, the mouth of a river or creek, grassy or sandy bottoms or just about anywhere there is a structure. Inshore structures that attract fish include docks, bridge piles, oyster bars, rock piles, seawalls and buoy markers.

Inshore Fishing Charters are a Fun Adventure for Anglers of All Ages.

Grandad, son and grandsons all had a great day catching sheepshead in Pensacola Bay on an inshore fishing charter with Captain Kenny.

Sheepshead can be found in nearshore and inshore waters around Pensacola Bay.

Captain Kenny of Panhandle Charters and Guide Service offers 4 hour Inshore Fishing Trips for up to 6 anglers.

Longer Inshore Trips and Inshore Night Fishing Trips are Available!

Please see our Charter Rates page for more information and prices!

Sharks in Pensacola Bay?

Yes, you just might catch a shark on an inshore fishing trip with Captain Kenny in Pensacola Bay! Sharks are everywhere in Florida, both inshore and offshore and some like the bull shark can even be found in freshwater rivers. Captain Kenny offers special Shark Fishing Trips but we do catch an occasional shark on our inshore charters.

The Gulf of Mexico is home to more than a dozen different species of sharks, many of which will venture into inshore waters to breed or to follow prey. Smaller sharks such as Atlantic Sharpnose Sharks and Bonnethead Sharks are more common but the occasional Bull Shark, Blacktip Shark or Hammerhead may also enter Pensacola Bay.